Solving Barking Problems

Dogs bark. They're born to bark. It's part of their communication toolbox. Yes, some breeds bark more than others. Temperament plays a role too. But the fact of the matter is barking, particularly excessive barking, can be annoying, embarrassing at times, and it won't endear you to your neighbours.

While Dr. Coren doesn't believe that you want to train your dog out of all barking, after all, your dog's barking can warn you of intruders and alert others to danger, but you can reduce your dog's barking
through consistent correction.

Why do dogs bark? There are a number of reasons, among them:

  • to indicate that their territory is being invaded
  • because they are fearful
  • so they can get attention
  • to show they need something – food, exercise
  • separation anxiety
  • improper confinement
  • to tell other dogs they're around
  • because they are over-excited and anxious

Determining why your dog is barking may help you reduce the barking easily, for example, shielding his view of the road outside of his window, which he thinks is his territory, may do the trick. Or maybe your dog needs to be fed. You forgot. And barking is his last desperate attempt to tell you: “Feed me!”

In these videos, Dr. Stanley helps analyze what's bothering a number of barkers and to provide the owners with some training techniques.