Dog Competitions

There are lots of different types of dog competitions. Some of them are pretty informal. Others have a more serious air.

  • Some are breed specific – such as swimming and water rescue competitions for Newfoundland dogs.
  • Some are inclusive but highly competitive sports – for example, flyball and agility competitions test dogs' skills – skills that are developed to partake in the sport, not for “useful” reasons.
  • There are also those summer fun competitions – best dressed dog, dog and owner look-a likes, that are designed solely for a laugh.
  • And then there are the more serious competitions where national and international standards and protocols may prevail.

In this category, most of the videos have to do with the latter category of competitions, including:

  • Obedience trials - These are competitions where dogs are judged for their ability to follow and execute certain commands, depending on the level.
  • Conformation shows - These are the beauty contests of the dog world. Dogs are judged on their appearance, stance, gait and so forth.
  • Schutzund - is a specific type of training for dogs that teaches them policing and military skills. Because these skills include (among other things) attacking and releasing a target person on command, it is not a good idea to get into this type of training unless you intend to pursue it to the full extent and know that your dog will obey you under any circumstances.
  • To get a glimpse into some of the other types of competitions, check out Doggie Fun and Games”.