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Dog Funerals

How can I mark my dog's passing? Could I have a funeral? What about burial or cremation? What momentoes might I create to remember my dog. One woman has lots of answers about what you might do when your dog dies.

How to Deal with Your Dog's Death

Many people find it very emotionally painful dealing with the death of their dog. Several people talk about their dog's death, the choices made, the emotional pain, and the healing.

Pet Memorials and Gravestones

I'd like to have a gravestone made for my dearly departed dog - is that possible? Yes. Visit a place where many stone gravestones and memorials have been made for departed pets and see how it's done. Meet some people who have had stone memorials made.


Adding a Dog to the Family

What are the consequences when a husband brings a dog home without his wife's consent. Two parents talk candidly about the pros and cons of having a dog in the family and the difficulties that result when both don't agree to the additional family member.

How to Get a Dog and Cat Get Along

What do you do when a cat owner moves in with a dog owner? How do you get the cat and the dog to get along? Stanley shows how to get them to warm up to each other.

Positive Effects of Dogs on Seniors

Do dogs have a positive impact on the health of seniors? Studies show that dogs have a very positive affect on senior's health - for dealing with stress, loneliness, and encouraging regular exercise. They increase longevity.

The Relationship Between Seniors and Their Dogs

Are dogs a good idea for seniors, older people? Several seniors, elderly people talk of the importance of the dogs in their lives and how they share their lives with them.

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Puppies Litter Celebration

A first birthday party for the now dispersed litter of puppies. It's fun watching them play and hearing about the romance of the Mom and Dad dogs, the Sire and Dam. And there's birthday cake too.

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How to Show Approval to Your Dog

How do you show your dog that you approve of his behavior - that he has done the right thing? Stanley Coren shows how to do that - after all, positive reinforcement is the best way to train a dog.

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How to Play with a Disabled Dog

What games and sports can I play with my three-legged dog? What should I not do with my three-legged dog - what my hurt or damage him? Stanley Coren shows that there are plenty of things you can do with a lame dog, but there are a few cautions.

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