Daily Care For Your Dog

An important part of daily care is good nutritious food for your dog so that she can be healthy, lean and strong through all stages of her life-cycle from puppy to old age.

A well-cared for dog shows your concern for his well-being and promotes a good bond between you. There are lots of regular care habits you can adopt for the well-being of your four-legged family member.

Check these videos out to learn tips and techniques for:

  • grooming your dog

  • cutting toenails

  • cleaning her ears

  • bathing him

  • brushing her teeth

  • giving him medicine

  • finding care when you're away

  • travelling with her

  • making your dog safe and secure

  • ... and more ...

A safe, secure, well cared for dog is a more stable, easy-going companion who is less likely to
come to an untimely demise.