Dogs and Faith

Dogs today are viewed as companions, members of the family. They really sit inside the realm of our spiritual life too – as we very much include them in the human family. We love them and wish the best for them.

Most of these videos touch on dealing with our pet's death, which can be difficult and often demands ways for us to deal with the loss and grief.

In these videos, you will learn how different individuals and families have:

  • helped their children deal with the loss of their companion
  • marked the passing of their canine buddies through ritual
  • dealt with the burial or cremation of their pet
  • created various memorabilia to remember him or her

On a lighter note, some religions and denominations have special ceremonies to acknowledge that animals are part of creation. There is also a video showing:

  • a church blessing of it's congregation's pets – a special service held annually
    to the delight of all.