A Dog in the Family

Adding a dog to the family is a very exciting event. But it's a big commitment. Responsible ownership means caring for the dog for its life. These videos cover topics such as:

  • involving all the responsible members of the family when deciding to have a dog
  • carefully considering the qualities of the dog that would fit your family
  • making a dog comfortable and secure in his home
  • ensuring that the dog learns quickly that he is at the bottom of the social hierarchy in his pack, that is, your family, so life is easy and no-one gets hurt
  • making sure that the dog is trained so family life is civil all round
  • making sure the dog is integrated with other pets in the family, particularly other dogs or cats

Of course, the point of having the dog is to have a loving companion and friend in your home. So among the other important topics covered in the videos are:

  • teaching children how to bond with the dog
  • knowing the importance of dogs for seniors
  • finding fun ways to interact with the dog through play and other activities
  • having children being involved in the training of the dog
  • helping children deal with the death of a dog
  • ... and more ...