Feeding Your Dog

An important part of daily care is good nutritious food for your dog so that she can be healthy, lean and strong through all stages of her life-cycle from puppy to old age.

These videos provide a mine of information about feeding your dog well. Topics include:

  • What are your dog's nutrition needs?

  • How much your dog should eat?

  • How to choose among the many dog foods on the market?

  • How can I make healthy food for my dog?

  • What are some healthy snacks that I can make?

  • What food is bad for my dog?

  • What if my dog has food sensitivities?

  • How do I know my dog is obese and what should I do?

  • What about specialized diets – Vegetarian? Raw food? Other?

By the time you've cruised through these videos, you will feel a great deal more confident about ensuring your dog eats healthily and well.