Doggie Fun and Games

Spending time with your dog is a good bonding experience for both you and your dog. But you can enhance your time together by adding fun and games.

These videos are chock full of ideas. Some of the ideas are simple – just a matter of adding some simple toys and games. Others can become regular full-on activities that can fill your weekends with

Topics include:

  • Making and using simple toys or equipment to entertain your dog.
  • Involving your dog in group activities and competitions such as:
    • swimming
    • lure coursing
    • agility
    • flyball
  • Dogs love to learn skills. You can teach your dog any number of them:
    • frisbee
    • tracking
    • retrieving
    • hunting and pointing
    • obedience skills
    • swimming skills
    • ... and more ...

It's up to your imagination. But together you and your dog can make your weekends and holidays times to remember.

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