Basic Training for your Dog

To fit into a family and into a community, a dog needs to be socialized and trained. Not to do so is to have a family member who creates on-going chaos in and out of the home. And worse. Most dogs are given up to shelters because owners don't know how to control their dog. Many of these are euthanized because finding owners is impossible. A sad fact.

In these videos:

  • Learn how to teach your dog all the basic commands you need to make him a pleasant member of the family.
  • Identify why your dog may not be listening to your commands so you can get her on track.
  • Why you should take your dog to training classes and how to choose a good one.
  • What training your dog needs to be out in the community, so he is safe and civilized.

There is no time like now to get started. Get your children involved too. It's the job of everyone in the whole family to be consistent, firm and gentle in keeping control of you dog's behaviour.