First Aid & Dog Injuries

Knowing what to do if you dog is poisoned, injured or sick, will give you piece of mind. But the first line of defence is always offence.

Be aware of hazards and act to prevent your dog from learning about them the hard way. For example, know what things are poisonous for a dog – the internet is a good source. While some things might be well-known such as cleaners and chocolate, did you know grapes can be fatal, and the tinsel on a Christmas tree can make a mess of your dog's digestive tract. … And not leashing your dog when near a roadway is akin to Russian roulette – he is going to run out on the road at the wrong time at some point.

Being aware of your dog's well-being is another. For example:

  • is he eating properly?
  • Lethargic?
  • Have his bowel movements been abnormal?
  • Does he have bumps or lumps?
  • Is he acting in an odd way?
  • Does she seem to be in pain?

The issue might be a little thing – such as salt on his paws from walking on salted snowy sidewalks where you just need to clean off the salt … Or it could be she is overheated, or has sunburn on exposed areas. Getting a dog in a cool shaded area, providing water, and/or putting on protective lotion may be all that's required. Just common sense.

Common Sense will take you a long way

Paying attention will take you a long way in ensuring you give or get care for your dog in a timely manner.

But bad things can happen… These videos will give you information about:

  • setting up a first aid kit;
  • doing mouth to nose resuscitation;
  • finding your dog's pulse;
  • stopping bleeding;
  • bandaging a dog;
  • handling and moving an injured dog;
  • making a dog vomit;
  • giving a dog a pill;
  • keeping a distressed dog from biting;
  • … and more …

Hearing the personal stories of dogs being saved by the smart actions of their owners will hopefully
inspire you to get prepared now. These videos are a must for any responsible dog owner.