Dogs and Kids

You might think that children and dogs go together like peas in a pod... Well, it can be true if you take care to teach children how to be around dogs, and ensure that your dog understands that in the family hierarchy, he stands below the children.

Children can make life pretty tough for a dog with their quick movements, teasing, poking and pulling. Dogs are usually pretty easy-going when it comes to kid-like behaviour, but there is usually only so much they can take.

Also, if a dog thinks that he ranks higher in the family pack than the children, he can get nippy and aggressive if a child challenges his position in any way - say, for example, getting more attention from the “alpha” person in the pack – usually Mom or Dad.

Setting the rules around the childrens' behaviour around the dog and the dog's behaviour around the children, will make life easier. You'll deal with less dog whining, and you can stave off dominant aggressive behaviour like nipping, biting, or worse.

These videos deal with many aspects of children and dogs including:

  • encouraging the bond between your children and the dog
  • teaching children about dogs so they value the peculiarities of another living being
  • ways to get children involved with their dogs through different types of activities
  • showing children how to train a dog