Veterinary & Other Medical Care

Veterinarians are to dogs as doctors are to humans. The fact is – you need one to:
  • provide good information about caring for your dog through all stages of life;
  • monitor you dog's health as he develops from puppy into an adult and ultimately into a senior;

  • provide the immunizations needed to keep him free from deadly diseases;

  • diagnose and treat your dog if she falls victim to a disease or has an accident.

Today veterinarians have many of the same diagnostic equipment, tools and skills that your doctor has to look after you. And there are vet specialists too – emergency specialists, eye specialists, among others.

If you can afford it, or have had the foresight to buy health insurance, your dog can have the same good care as any member of the family. And isn't that how you would want it?

Complementary Treatments

Today, there are many other treatment modalities that are also available for dogs – many can complement the usual treatments used by vets. In fact, some vets have added these treatments on to their normal practise. Among these treatments are:

    Acupuncture - Based on traditional Chinese medicine concepts, acupuncture uses pressure on or needles placed in specific places on energy meridians of the body depending on the complaint. The idea is that disease is caused by a blockage of the energy or chi that runs through the system and acupuncture releases the blockages.

    Chiropractic - Some vets are using chiropractic techniques to help dogs that are dealing with issues resulting from non-alignment of bones and muscles, such as back and leg pain. The treatment involves gently putting the skeleton back into proper alignment through hand manipulation.

    Homeopathy - This treatment is based on the idea that “like heals like” . So for example, if you have an illness which produces specific symptoms such as fevers or rash, then you give the patient highly dilute dosages of herbs that create the same symptoms, thus activating the body's immune system to deal with the problem. Apparently, the British Royal family use homeopathy too.

    Other - There are many other treatments that people use including aroma therapy, raw diets, to name a few, covered in some of the videos.