Professions Working with Dogs

Many people are passionate about dogs. Some people turn their passion into a career. Others become activists on their behalf. Some volunteer to do 'on the ground work' to help the lot of dogs in their community, and still others use dogs as their muse or, at least the subjects, of their art.

These videos will give you an appreciation the many things that people are doing for the canine community. Maybe you'll be inspired in some way. You will gain an insight into:

  • Careers
    • in health care for dogs
    • jobs & volunteer work at animal shelters
    • the work of animal control officers, and
    • those working to prevent animal cruelty
    • dog grooming
    • professional handling of dogs for conformation shows
    • dog behaviour specialists and trainers
    • dog breeding
    • dog portraiture, and dog-inspired art production
  • Activism
    • opening up leash free parks
    • municipal spay and neuter legislation
    • development of an organization to fight the use of dogs for product testing
  • Volunteerism
    • walking shelter dogs
    • fund-raising for dogs in need
    • sheltering and feeding strays

The sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities to make dogs an integral part of a career. If activism, advocacy or volunteering are your preference, then you will find that there are many needed tasks to do, including for example, socializing puppies so that they can be trained to become assistance dogs, teaching responsible dog ownership through blogs, fostering dogs that have become homeless to name a very few ideas. Research. Imagine. You will find something worth doing for your canine friends.