Which Dog Is Best For Me?

Choosing the right dog for you and your family is the most important thing you need to do if you wish to bring a dog into your family... the right dog will be a joy, and the wrong one, a disaster. The sad fact is that it's usually the dog that suffers most if it's the wrong decision. Many dogs are given up in the first year because it was a bad fit with the family. Often the outcome for the dog is not a good one.

Don't forget the scars left on the family too. It may pretty hard for children to understand why their cute little puppy or large adopted dog has to leave the family. It's not a message that you want to impart to them either – that it's OK to play with the lives of other sentient beings. Let's face it. It's not easy playing God. You won't like being in that position. It hurts. Research and careful consideration are key.

The videos in this collection are full of ideas for determining the best type of dog for you including:

  • Some of the many extrinsic issues to consider when deciding on a dog including your home, your lifestyle, health issues, concerns regarding children, your yard, your work schedule etc.
  • The Stanley Coren test for determining what type of dog would suit the personalities in a family as elucidated in his book, “Why We Love The Dogs We Do”.

  • Some of the concerns in adopting rescued and older dogs who may be very timid, fearfully aggressive, stressed and have little or no training and an unknown, possibly abusive, past.

  • An insight into how different families have gone about successfully choosing the dog breed for them, including everything from Wheaton Terriers to Border Collies among others.
  • How a veterinarian advises her sister and brother in law in choosing a dog from a shelter – what types of questions that she asks them to help them decide.

  • The art of breeding dogs. It's not advisable to buy from pet stores but rather from dedicated breeders who are known for their loving care and attention of the Mom and the new pups.

  • Once you know the breed that you want, choosing among the puppies in a litter is another important step in getting the right dog for you.

Different types of dogs can be seen in many videos throughout this site. And as Anne Jackson, a dog behaviourist suggests, never choose a dog type by looking at puppies. All puppies are just too hard to resist. Check out different dog breeds as adults in real life – in the neighbourhood, at dog shows. And there are some good sites and books on the characteristics of different breeds. If you're going for a mixed breed dog, the appearance of the dog will indicate the likely dominant traits. So if the dog you have your eyes on is half rottweiler, half lab, and it looks more like a rotty, then it will act more like a rotty.