Walking Your Dog

I've never met a dog that didn't like to walk. For couch potatoes, their necessity is your reward, in health at least. For the outdoorsy, dogs can be great companions. But what can sometimes be a great bonding activity, can turn into a frustrating chore, if the dog doesn't know how to walk in a relaxed and happy manner beside you. Or if off-leash, in parks, in wilderness areas, or urban areas, there are additional hazards, concerns and issues.

In these videos, Dr. Coren and other trainers will show you how to deal with dogs on walks including, in part:

  • dogs that drag their owners on walks

  • dogs that meander around wrapping you up in their leash

  • laggers and draggers who need to be pulled

  • dogs on wilderness trails and parks

  • unleashed dogs that are runners

  • ... and more ...

Check them out. That's your first step to a better walking experience with your best friend.