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Diseases to look out for as your dog ages!

Dogs are our buddies, and as much as we hate to admit it, they do age. To ensure that dogs live healthy and happy life, we need to take good care of them. In order to take excellent care of them, we need to give them a proper diet.

Diet is important for dogs, if your canine is not getting a healthy and balanced diet, it will become prone to many diseases. But to give them a good diet, you need to have a good understanding of what a good diet consists of.

You have to make sure that your dog is getting enough nutrients that are required for it to grow. Every single nutrient that your dog needs have a specific purpose. Without enough nutrients, your dog’s muscle tone will not be maintained. Similarly, the build, teeth and bone performance, and the energy to do everyday tasks will also decrease. Fats provide your dog with energy and help the brain function. Carbohydrates supply a source of energy and vitamins and minerals are essential for muscle contraction. They work to prevent the risk of diseases.

Why a good diet is essential?

Every single cell in the body of a dog is made up of one element, protein. It is important in muscles, other tissues, hair, and building skin. It also plays a role in repairing the cells that are damaged and replacing them with ones that are new. Protein is even more important for animals that are growing or pregnant.

This is why you need to incorporate protein into your dog’s diet to maintain strong muscles. So, when you buy food for your dog, look at the ingredients to be sure that protein is present.

One way to determine if your dog is healthy is by examining the skin and coat. A dog with a shiny coat is obviously in good health. Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids play a key role in maintaining a skin that is healthy and a good coat. Dry skin causes brittle hair that will easily break. Foods with a good quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory property to decrease itching and other irritants.

Carbohydrates provide the body with fiber that allows digestion and elimination. Dog foods have the necessary nutrients that keep the digestive system of a dog in good shape. Digestion is essential, it is the only way that your dog will be able to absorb nutrients out of food and get rid of waste. The food of a canine should provide it with nutrients that he will need, and a minimum of stool to be picked up as a result of this diet.

The vitamins and minerals that are found in dog food work together to perform probably the most important function. This is, to keep the immune system in shape. They also keep the metabolism intact. Vitamins cut down the damage that is done to the cells of a dog’s body on a regular basis, while minerals allow the cells to function properly and healthily.

You can get vitamins and minerals from plants and animal sources in the diet. If your dog is not getting the necessary nutrients, it will fall sick.

While a good diet is key in preventing your dog from getting sick, eventually old age gets to us all. The same way it will get to your canine. With this increase in age, your dog becomes prone to some diseases.

Common diseases in elder dogs

As said above, a good diet will ensure that your dog lives a good and long life. But once they age, their immune system eventually becomes weaker. Hence, you need to know a few diseases that your dog may be more prone to due to age.

Joint issues

Not only humans, but aged dogs can also suffer from joint problems. This is a disease that leads to loss of lubrication and cartilage in joints. There is no set treatment for osteoarthritis but measures can be taken to reduce the pain.

Nutrition, mainly omega-3 fatty acid, plays a big role in supporting dogs that have such issues. You can also ask your vet to give you a diet plan specifically for your dog.


Dogs’ cognitive function can weaken as they age. This results in symptoms similar to that of Alzheimer’s in humans. Confusion, barking for no reason, disorientation, etc. are some of the symptoms that your dog may go through.

If your dog seems lost without a reason and is having bathroom accidents inside the house, you may want to pay a visit to the vet to ask them what is up. There is no treatment for dementia but with medication, it can be helped.

Heart problems

As dogs grow older, they can develop heart diseases. One condition that is common in dogs is heart failure. This occurs when the heart is not pumping blood effectively enough and fluid backs up in the chest cavity, lungs, and heart.

Coughing, not being able to exercise and vomiting are signs that your dog is experiencing heart disease and you need to discuss it with your doctor. In certain cases, obesity can be the reason behind this, and this is why you need to ensure that your dog maintains a healthy weight throughout.

Obesity contributes to a number of health problems, and this is why you need to incorporate not just a balanced diet but also exercise in your dog’s routine.

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