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These are the 6 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog

While they make great companions, owning a dog is a handful for sure. You have to look after them, feed them on time and ensure they are healthy. It’s safe to say that once you bring a dog home, you might even have to plan your routine around them. So, what do you need to know before getting a dog?

For people who have experience keeping a dog, bringing another canine home might not be as intimidating. However, if you are an inexperienced dog owner and have no experience with pets whatsoever, it may be a little scary to bring a pup home.

Know Your Dog’s History

The first thing, as a dog owner that you need to do, is to ensure that the dog you adopt or purchase is from a trusted breeder. You also need to get a complete update on the history of the puppy’s parents so that you have an idea of their behavior and what kind of genetic diseases they may be at risk of. Genetics plays a crucial role in how your dog behaves, and you need to have great information about the pup’s whereabouts.

This is not the only that needs to be done. The real work begins when you are done selecting the pup and bringing it home. Being in a new area can certainly be very intimidating, especially for canines. While they cannot communicate this with words, you need to create an environment that is calming and soothing for them.

We have put together a number of important things that you need to know before getting a dog and bringing your new family member home.

Preparing for your new pet

Mental preparation

Yes, you need to mentally prepare before bringing a dog home. While owning a dog is certainly fun, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There will be times when you will have to pick up their messes; as said before, having a dog is a big commitment.

You need to understand that it is normal for your dog to take time to get comfortable in the new surroundings, and also, you’re going to have to put in some effort to win its trust.

Food bowls and water bowl

The one thing your dog is desperately going to need is water. Like every living thing, water is equally essential for dogs as it is for humans. You cannot neglect their thirst, and this is why you need two bowls, one to put food in and the other to put water in.

There are two types of bowls you can get, one of them being the attached bowls and the other being two separate ones. They are equally useful, but two separate bowls are easier to clean. The thing with attached or joined bowls is that your dog may throw some bits of food in the water while eating.

A good dog food

If you have no experience in keeping a dog, it is best that you make this decision with the help of a professional. A vet will be better able to guide you about the best kind of dog food that you can get for your new canine.

There are endless options of dog food in the market, and all of them are good in their own way, but you need dog food that will fulfill all of their nutritional values and won’t leave them with a deficit of an important nutrient.


Dogs are curious creatures that will be eager to explore all parts of their new home. You will have to do some puppy-proofing but cover up potentially harmful areas. If there are any naked wires lying around, hide them as soon as you can.

Things like stairs and balconies should be forbidden-territory for your dog. You need stair gates or baby gates to keep them away. Taking such steps will allow you to keep your dog safe, even if you are not there to supervise.

Setting up a place for them

Your dog should have a place devoted to them, whether it’s the corner of a room or an entire room, they need to have a place with their food bowls, a comfortable bed to sleep in, and toys that they can chew on.

If they have a toy that they can chew on, it will save you the trouble of coming home to chewed furniture. A quiet, peaceful place for your dog will also help calm them – especially if they are anxious and allow them to relax for a bit.

It will also give you peace of mind to know that your dog is sleeping safe and sound in its area.

Prepare for a doctor visit

It is fundamental to get your dog checked up by a vet when you bring it home. The reason is that they can guide you on what to feed your dog, especially if it is a young-aged puppy, and give a schedule for vaccination. This is essential for your dog’s health.

You need to find a vet that you can trust, so you can discuss any potential future concerns with them.

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