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Busting 5 commonly believed myths about dogs!

How much there is that we actually know about dogs? What is it about them that we can actually be sure about? As dogs have been with humans for over decades, there are many myths about them that humans have passed on from generation to generation.

Some of this widely passed information may be true, but a huge chunk of it is straight-up false. If you think you have your pet all figured out, prepared to be proven wrong.

There are many things that we think might be true but they are not. Below are a few common dog myths we tend to believe that is anything but true.

Dogs cannot see color

We have often seen in cartoons and films that they portray dogs as creatures who see the world in black and white. This is actually far from the truth. According to science, dogs have two color receptors in their eyes. While they can see colors, they cannot differentiate between shades of red and green, which appear to them in yellow and blue, grey and brown tones.
The canine retina has 2 of 3 photoreceptor types that are needed to see color. The range of the color in their vision is less than what we can see, but they can indeed see color somewhat.

You can’t teach old dogs new tricks

This couldn’t have been more false. People tend to believe that since a dog is old and not as intelligent, it can’t learn any new tips and you cannot train them.

Dogs do age, and when they do, they are used to living life their old way, hence, dogs are not very open to the idea of change. Some of these dogs can even experience a decrease in vision and hearing, and their health can decrease. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t teach them anything new. You will have to be a lot more consistent and patient.

Before spaying, let your dog go through a heat cycle

Again, this is a huge myth. People believe that allowing your dog, especially a female, go experience a heat cycle before spaying them, will make them healthier, but that is not right.

The truth is, if you spay your dog before her first heat cycle, it will cut down the chances of mammary cancer that they can develop later on in life. Also, dogs don’t feel the ‘loss’ of not having a litter. Hence, it is up to you. If you want your dog to have a litter, then there’s no harm in mating them before getting them spayed.

Dogs need bones to chew on

Again, when dogs are portrayed in cartoons and shows, they are shown as these pets who always have a bone in their mouth and are chewing on it.

The truth is, eating bones is not good for dogs. It can do more harm than good. Their sharp pieces and edges can harm your dog. If you are getting a bone for your dog, get raw bones and not those that can easily splinter.

Wagging of the tail is a sign of friendliness

If your dog is wagging its tail, it does not certainly mean it is in a good and friendly mood. You have to be fully careful around your canine. Wagging tails can indicate happiness and excitement, and at the same time, it can also indicate that they feel aggressive, anxious, or scared.

The body language of your dog is complicated. You can never be fully sure about how they feel, but their body language gives some type of hint. You may know the temperament of your own dog, but when you see someone else’s dog, never pet it without asking the owner’s permission.

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