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Can dogs see ghosts? – Find the answer here!

Often, in horror movies, we are shown that dogs are able to observe ghosts sooner and more frequently than humans. There are many people who believe in paranormal activities, but have you ever wondered if your dog is also able to sense these spirits? Well, we have the answer for your right here!

It’s safe to assume that dogs can see things that we, as human beings, cannot. Considering that dogs have enhanced senses that are much sharper than humans, we may think that dogs can see ghosts around your house. But, the answer to this is not fully confirmed yet.

Can dogs see ghosts

The answer is one that demands in-depth research and observation before reaching a conclusion. There is no scientific proof that dogs can see ghosts, but it does not necessarily mean that they cannot. There are many things about dogs that we are unaware of yet and may not have the answer to.

So, the answer to this long-asked question is ‘not sure’. While researchers don’t think dogs can see ghosts, they wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility either.

While we have carried out numerous experiments and tests on dogs to get a better understanding of the way that they are, there is still a lot that is unknown. Sometimes, our pets do strange things that we cannot find the logic behind.

For people who believe in the paranormal, dogs may behave peculiarly, as if they are sensing a presence near them. It is also possible that your dog may find a particular corner of the house and stare at this corner, and you later find out that someone actually died in that spot.

Many people think that when a dog is barking at nothing, it means that it senses something. Maybe, your pet stays close to an object that they connect to a member that is no longer with them. Your dog may even stay close to this thing as if the person is still alive.

The sixth sense of dogs

This is where things get interesting. Dogs do possess the basic five senses. However, there is an additional sense with these five senses, called the ‘sixth sense’. This sixth sense is a gut feeling, an indication that something is not right.

Many may argue that human beings also have a sixth sense. On certain occasions, our gut gives us a sign, indicating that something may not be right for us. The difference between dogs and humans in this regard is that dogs are more open to trusting their instinct and acting upon it. Meanwhile, humans tend to overanalyze what they are feeling and come up with mental arguments about how they might be wrong.

Dogs are exceptional creatures and their senses exceed those of humans. It can be seen this way. If you own a dog and every time you come home, you find yourself sitting by the door waiting for you, it is possible that this behavior is learned through repetition. On the other hand, if you ever come home early and find your dog still sitting waiting for you, it may be your dog’s sixth sense telling it that you may be coming.

Another great ability of dogs is that they can detect disasters before they actually happen. This is possible because of their powerful ability to smell. Dogs can sense the odors of natural phenomena and make predictions accordingly.

Can dogs see things human beings cannot?

Coming back to the ultimate question, dogs process the world in a different way than us. The reason is simple: their senses are more heightened and enhanced. These differences may give them the ability to pick up on certain phenomenon that we cannot.

As dogs have a much wider field vision, they can see things at a greater distance and can also see in less light. The point is: dogs have senses that give them extraordinary power; hence, it is accurate to assume that sometimes, dogs pick up things we cannot due to the difference in senses.

However, it is not necessary that whatever they are perceiving is a ghost.


Dogs are simply fascinating creatures who have been with human beings for as long as we know. Firstly, they were used as guard dogs, to protect livestock and for hunting, etc. However, over the years, their roles have changed. Now, people mainly want to keep a dog for the sole purpose of having a companion.

The reason dogs have been able to keep humans company for such an impressive amount of time is because of their endless affection and heightened senses, which have come to use on multiple occasions.

Dogs perceive the world in a different way than us. This is not only because they walk on four legs and bark rather than speaking, it is also because of their senses. Dogs have exceptional senses, and through these, they can pick up on energies and other different forms. On the other hand, it is still unclear that whether or not they are able to detect the presence of the dead nearby.

Dogs have been portrayed as these creatures that are the first to notice any paranormal activity happen in a home, and we get why anyone would assume such a fact. Similarly, we can not be sure, at least not for now, whether dogs are actually able to see spirits. It may be possible and it can also not be.

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