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Common eye problems in dogs | How to maintain your dog’s eye health!

Dogs are amazing creatures. As dogs cannot speak, they communicate with human beings through their body and posture. One of the dogs’ most precious organs is their eyes. They are complex and tell a lot about a person.

Eye function plays an important role in allowing your dog to lead a normal and happy life. The way dogs’ eyes work is different than that of humans. Canines’ eyes have:

  • Larger pupils that help them to see in dim lights
  • A third eyelid that protects the eyeball
  • Stronger at detecting movement

When it comes to dogs with long noses, they are great at focusing at a distance, this gives them good peripheral vision. On the other hand, short-nosed dogs are good at short-distance vision, like reading facial expressions.

Dogs see the world differently than us. They form images that are defined, it is actually not so different from the way we see sunsets. It is important to examine your dogs’ eyes.

Examining your dogs’ eyes

In an area that has a bright light, look into the eyes of your dog. The eyes should be bright and the area around the eyes should be white.

The size of the pupils should be the same. If there is any cloudiness, unequal pupil size or a third eyelid is visible, it is important that you bring your dog to the doctor.

Another way to examine your dog’s eyes is by using your thumb, rolling the lower eyelid down to be able to see the lining. This lining should be pink, not white or red.

If you observe discharge or runny eyes, it is possible that your dog has dirt in its eyes. Use a damp cotton ball to clean the eyes by wiping outward from the corner. Do not touch the eyeball or the cornea. However, if the problem is persistent, visit the vet.
To prevent hair from poking the eyes, groom the area around them. You scissors that are round-tipped and be very careful not to harm your dog.

In case you are applying sprays or any product onto your dog, be sure to protect their eyes. Also, be wary of your dog’s behavior. If they are rubbing their eyes more than usual or squinting, it may an indication that something is wrong.

Common eye problems

There are a number of eye problems that happen more frequently in dogs. You need to be aware of these to prevent them from happening.

The first is a cherry eye. Normally your dog has two eyelids that are visible and one that is extra called the third eyelid. The third one is below the inner corner of the eye and can’t be seen. Sometimes, the gland is dislocated from its normal location and is visible.

Dry eye is also a common problem. Another name for it is keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), in this tear glands produce a lot fewer tears than they normally would. Tears are important to remove damaging material from the eyes, but a lack of them can lead to serious health problems.

Pink eye is a health issue that arises frequently. Conjunctivitis or pink eye is a symptom of another disease, and not in itself a problem. These diseases could be infections, allergic reactions, or physical irritation.

Inside the eye, the drainage and production of fluid are neatly balanced. This maintains a pressure that is constant. Glaucoma occurs when the above-mentioned balance is disrupted, this increases the pressure in the eyes. If your dog has Glaucoma, then, you need to immediately visit the vet as it can cause blindness if the treatment is delayed.

The lens is in the middle of the eyes and is clear, but sometimes, part of the lens creates a cloudy cataract. This blocks light from reaching the eyes’ back and decreases vision. The vet diagnoses this condition through an eye exam, surgery is done to treat it.

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