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Common health problems in German Shepherds!

The German shepherd is an excellent breed if you are looking for a guard dog. They were born and bred originally to protect their herd and this is what they have been doing and continue to do.

In the present time, they are a popular breed worldwide. They are involved in Police squads, have had movies made on them, and have the ability to learn quickly.

The dogs have protective instincts and are extremely loyal to their owners. So, don’t be surprised when they do not leave your side in a dangerous time of crisis. German shepherds are alert and active. They are a little bit shy around strangers, so you will have to be patient with them. They can be trained easily and are excellent family dogs.

However, like any other breed, they are prone to a number of medical conditions. These include bloating, due to their size, arthritis, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and others.

German shepherds are prone to certain types of cancers, and to prevent them, you need to ensure that they lead a healthy lifestyle and provide them with a good diet. If your dog has good genetics, it might decrease its chances of getting the illness.

Nose infections are common too. The mild cases of these infections are not serious, however, severe cases can prove to be irritating and painful. While there is no way to prevent this infection, taking your dog regularly for checkups can be useful. The infections can be treated by medicine.

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