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Did you know that dogs were traded between communities? | Research

Dogs have accompanied human beings almost since the start of time, they are humans’ oldest companions. Hence, their role, help, and their habits across these years have largely changed. Back in time, dogs were an important part of life. They were used in sledding, herding, and hunting.

According to recent research, humans valued dogs highly and they even traded these canines between other communities. The dogs were even interbred with different dogs while encountering people from other communities.

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen revealed that even though Siberian human populations were generally isolated, their dogs interacted with outside dogs. They believe that there is a possibility that dogs were used and traded for sledding, herding, and hunting. Even back then, they were a fundamental part of the society, and this also explains why they were domesticated.

Dogs were traded with outsiders. The introduction of new genetic material in dogs dates back to 2,000 years ago. This involves the introduction of ironworking, and the use of reindeers for transportation.

Studies have also shown that DNA from ancient dogs has still survived in modern dogs. The modern Siberian Huskies also share an affinity with historical dogs. The findings revealed that famous Arctic breeds were able to maintain a fundamental level of ancestry in their DNA.

This analysis was done by a team of collaborators. They were allowed to extract DNA from dog bones that were in ancient sites. One sample revealed that dogs were useful even after their deaths. DNA samples were collected from pieces of clothing in which dog fur was used.

During the current time, dogs are thought of as friends more than anything. In history, they were used to carry out big tasks, but now, their only job is to provide love and comfort to their humans. Definitely, domestication has made them excellent companions.

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