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Did you know that ‘genius’ dogs can learn more than 100 words?

Dogs are interesting creatures; we all know that. Every day, researchers and scientists are diving deep into their nature, history, and characteristics to find out interesting facts about them.

Recently, research has shown that dogs can learn basic words. Isn’t that just amazing? One thing that humans thought gives them the edge over animals and pets is that they can learn ‘languages’, but so can dogs – well, partially.

Scientists have termed these dogs as ‘geniuses’, as they can remember words and associate them with objects. This means, that there are similarities at some level between humans and dogs cognitive learning.

There is a dozen of pets across the world that have this gift. There are dogs that are able to differentiate between words like ‘stay’ and ‘go’, but these ‘geniuses’ can learn more than 100 terms.

The dogs can learn the names of toys at a fast speed. To push their limits, the researchers made these dogs learn six to twelve names in one week, and you guessed it – they were successful!

They remembered the names even a month after they were taught. All of the dogs on whom the experiments were performed were actually border collies. This means that they were bred to work sheep.

Under the ‘Genius Dog Challenge’, they managed to evaluate dogs like Pekingese, Australian shepherd, mixed breeds, and a Pekingese.

Experts think that dogs are an amazing method for ‘studying the behavior of human beings’. This is because they have developed in human environments. They have evolved thanks to them, been their companions and humans have domesticated dogs.

This is a good opportunity to learn about how other animals understand human languages. Dogs are definitely making themselves more and more compatible to live with humans. Dogs are fascinating creatures, and every day we learn more and more things about them that makes us love them even more.

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