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Do Bulldogs have a bad temperament?

The English bulldog is known to have an ‘aggressive’ temperament. It is a little powerhouse, who is perceived to be ‘not friendly’ around families. But, that is all a common misconception.

Bulldogs are sweet creatures that have amazing strength and stability. They have a large head and their muzzle is very short. They have charming personalities and are very friendly. The bulldogs have a dependable temperament. They are amazing for families and are great with children. They love to receive human attention and are fond of spending time with people.

They do not need large living space and make great apartment pets. Hence, if you have limited living space, do not worry. Your bulldog will need a moderate amount of exercise, and nothing too intense. They love the cold climate but face difficulty during the hot weather. Their short coat requires very little grooming. However, they do have a wrinkly face that needs to be wiped daily to ensure there are no skin infections.

They have a jealous personality and will be overprotective of those they regard as their ‘own’. They get along great with other dogs, but it depends on the dog’s upbringing. If they are not used to spending time with other animals, they will definitely act out. So, if you have cats or other small animals, you will have to build tolerance for your dog.

Its temperament is very calm and composed, and if you are looking for a watchdog, it will not be a suitable choice for that. The only thing threatening about these canines is their appearance. Its figure, big head, and jaw are enough to scare away any trespasser. Although it is calm by nature, you will have to train it from an early age so it is able to fit well with others.

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