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Do dogs feel sad and can they cry?

Dogs are adorable little furry creatures; they are said to be always ‘happy’. However, experienced pet owners know that dogs have a spectrum of emotions that they experience.

Dogs can be scared, sad, and snappy. However, the question is whether or not dogs can cry. Canines are emotional creatures by nature. Although the majority of the time they are excited and happy, they experience sadness too.

The way a dog cries and shows its emotions is quite different than human beings. They don’t shed tears, they don’t cry. So, how do they show emotions?

The way dogs cry or show their sadness is through whimpering, and they don’t cry with tears as humans do. When it comes to their tear ducts, they are activated due to reasons like debris and other irritants in the eye.

When dogs cry, it could be due to allergies, corneal ulcers, and other irritations. Dogs feel sadness, they can feel low when you leave home or are not near them. There are multiple signs that dogs show when they are sad, they could be trembling, clingy, and maybe even start ignoring you. The reason why dogs feel sad could be because they are experiencing separation anxiety because their parent abandoned them. When dogs are sad, they might also lose interest in activities that they previously liked.

However, if your dog is actually tearing up, and it is persistent, then it could be a health issue. Hence, you need to take your dog to a vet.

A mild amount of tears can be considered normal, but, excessive tearing could mean issues like infections, injuries, or something else. Hence, you need to go see a doctor and try not to self-treat. Treating your dog by yourself is not at all advised, you need to always seek professional help if you notice any changes in your canine.

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