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Do dogs really see the world in black and white? | How dogs see!

Have you ever wondered through what colored lens your doggy sees the world? Do they see it in black and white, as they show on TVs? Or do they see a full spectrum of colors, like us humans do?

The answer to that is: they see differently. They don’t see entirely black and white and they don’t see the world as humans do. They have light receptors in their eyes, these are called ‘cones’ and ‘rods’. These cones and rods help us see different colors and allow us to see in dim lights.

On the other hand, for canines, the number of rods and cones varies. Dogs have fewer cones than humans, and cannot see as many colors as we do.

Dogs can detect two colors, no one knows fully what the two colors are. According to some experts, these colors could be yellow and blue. It is rather difficult to know what a dog sees, but it could be identical to what humans see at dusk.

As dogs have more rods, they are able to see in the dark and much better at night time. They have a layer of eye tissue, which humans don’t, and it reflects the light into the retina of the eye. This phenomenon allows the dogs to see at night and this is also why their eyes tend to shine in the dark.

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Rather than just depending on an object’s color. Dogs use other details like texture, position, and smell to distinguish between objects.

Dogs’ vision is basically 20/75, this means that they must be almost 20 feet away from something to clearly see it. However, there are some breeds that have better visual acuity, like Labradors.

When dogs go blind, humans think that their quality of life has vanished. However, blind dogs live long and comfortably, as long as changes are made to their environment.

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