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Dog gets bitten by a snake in an attempt to save its brother

The heroics of this five-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier named Milly have spread like wildfire across the internet.

In an animal hospital in Australia, Milly was brought in a state of emergency after the pup suffered from multiple snake bites. She was bitten by snakes in an attempt to protect her brother, a little 5-month-old puppy named Tonka from the reptile.

According to the owner, the dog got bitten by an eastern brown snake in her backyard. However, she was home during the time of the attack and was able to get her help without wasting much time. The owner saw signs of venom’s effects on Milly in minutes after the bite. She rushed both the dogs to a local animal hospital.

Doctors analyzed both of the dogs and discovered that the canine had been bitten by the dog multiple times, on the other hand, Tonka did not have any serious or noticeable injuries. The owner said that the little brother was not even touched by the snake, and it was evident that Milly tried to protect her younger brother.

Tonka was healthy and allowed to go home, but his sister had to stay at the hospital under the care of doctors to recover properly. She received an antivenom after she arrived at the hospital. Doctors took great care of her to ensure she stays healthy and the venom does not lead to the failure of any other organs from the bites.

Madeline, the owner, said that she is sharing this story to tell the people of Queensland, Australia to look out for brown snakes and keep an eye out for them. It is essential for people of the locality to know this news as it will help to protect their children and pets from bites of these highly venomous reptiles and avoid health problems that could arise due to it.

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