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Dog gets shot in the face while trying to save family from armed robbers!

A rescue dog of SPCA has impressed the world with its bravery by taking a bullet for its adopted family. The dog was trying to protect its family from armed robbers, who invaded its home.

The young cross Malinois dog, Kei, was shot in the face during the attack. For her heroics, the canine is all set to receive an award from the Boksburg SPCA.

It was late at night when two armed robbers entered the home. At the time, the Lamont family was fast asleep and did not hear the sound of them entering.

One of the robbers entered the main bedroom, and it was there that the shoot-out took place. The intruder, however, was shot dead.

The second intruder went into the room of the eldest daughter and had a gun in his hand. What he didn’t know was that in the same room, Kei was looking over her best friend. She recognized the danger and immediately ran across the room before the robber could enter through the door. She attacked him and as he was unaware of the dog, he was caught by surprise.

The robber retreated to the hall and down the stairs, he left a trail of blood behind. While he was running away, he shot and killed the family’s other dog, named ‘Holly’. Upon this, Kei chased the intruder, and he shot her in the face.

Kei then ran to the gate and alerted the neighbors. Surveillance footage shows the dog running up and down at the gate. Due to the bullet, she could not bark, and then she ran down to the lake to get help. The family located the dog and she was rushed to a vet where they stabilized her condition. She had to get surgery to fix the wounds. For this heroic act, she will be given an award once she recovers

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