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Dog helps save a baby’s life by alerting parents about its health!

Dogs are absolutely delightful creatures. On more than one occasion, they have managed to save the lives of their owners. Despite how cruel some humans are to dogs, they tend to find their way to eternal and infinite love and care.

One such heroic of her dog was told by a user on Twitter. Kelly Andrew was kind enough to share the story of her dog with the world on the internet.

The story

Ms. Andrew tweeted about how one night their dog kept trying to break into the nursery in which their baby slept. The baby had been sick and she did not want the dog to bother her. However, the dog’s constant attempts to break into the baby’s room irked Andrew. She did not want the baby to wake up as it was already unwell and the dog was not complying.

But, due to the constant nagging of the dog, the family came to the realization that their baby was not breathing. The dog was not annoying but just trying to wake the baby up. They immediately understood the situation and took their baby to the hospital, where they spent the night.

“I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t woken her,” she wrote, further saying that we don’t deserve the loving, amazing companions that dogs are.

The mother of the baby then added more to the story by talking about the dog, named Henry, and her baby. She said that the child was doing better and they are home with the dog.

The story has been read by many users online and has gotten more than 60,000 likes and thousands of retweets. People are touched by the heroics of Henry. Many people then started to share their story with their pet and how their animal has helped them in their time of need.

Users even talked about how their dog helped them cope with depression and moments of great pain and grief. Curious to see how canines help with depression? Keep reading!

How dogs help with depression

We all know that dogs play a fundamental part in the mental well-being of a person. Not only do they contribute to one’s physical health, but they also do a great job at helping a person out mentally.

Studies have been conducted that show that dogs help with loneliness, enhance happiness and also significantly reduce anxiety. It was also found that people who owned dogs had better overall health than those who don’t.

Playing with your dog can actually produce dopamine and oxytocin, which create positive and happy feelings inside the person.

Pooches help us a lot to lead a more fulfilling life. Canines need physical exercise on a daily basis. This means that, they will make you exercise with them and well, we all know the benefits of exercise.

Because of them, our schedules become more punctual and consistent. As we have to walk, feed and play with our pet on a set time, we become more organized. An organized schedule can help reduce stress in a person and also play a part in sleep patterns.

Through dogs, our social life is also enhanced. When we go on walks, we tend to talk to people and other dog owners. It also gives us the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Socialization with other has been shown to decrease depression, this is more visible in people that are 50 or older. A sense of companionship will also stop depression from getting more. Therapy dogs and other service dogs are especially included in this as they are always in tune with your needs.

Caring for an animal also gives you a sense of purpose and direction and also makes you feel wanted. Dogs sometimes can be a big responsibility, but this is exactly what helps your mental health. Psychologists say that you can build your self-esteem by applying skills to a task. When you do something, it will give you a sense of accomplishment.

When you take good care of a canine, it assures you that can take good care of yourself. With a dog, you will have a friend in the most desperate times. They are amazing friends and will put their life on the line for you without a second thought.

This is why service and therapy dogs are preferred with people who have diabetes or other problems. A dog’s heightened senses allow it to sense things that others cannot. They can also sense when your sugar levels spike and more. You may have noticed that your dog comes to sit down next to you and cuddle with you when you start to feel upset, this is because they can sense what a person is feeling.

Remember, if you are suffering from symptoms of depression, it is best that you visit a doctor and get professional help.

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