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DogPhone – A technology that lets your dog video call you from home!

Dogs are remarkable creatures, who easily get attached to their person. For dog lovers, probably the hardest thing they have ever had to do is leave their dog alone at home for long periods of time.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people were forced to stay home and be with their pets all the time. Hence, it is highly possible that their dogs got used to having them around every second of the day, but, now that things are slowly opening up again, people have to leave their homes and go to schools, universities, and offices. This distance has changed the way that dogs are so familiar with, and caused them to be anxious.

Separation Anxiety

For dogs that got too overly attached to their families, this became extremely tough. As a dog owner, you may have had to come home early or cancel plans to be with your dog, so they don’t feel anxious. Separation anxiety in dogs can be dangerous. If your dog is separated from its owner for too long, it will start showing signs of mental distress, like soiling of the house, vocalizing, or destruction.

If you want your dog to get used to not having you around all the time, it is important that you teach them some independence from a young age. If you don’t, and then leave them alone for long periods of time, it can get messy.

How to prevent separation anxiety

To ensure that your dog does not get anxious, you need to first have a routine that they can easily predict. This means, make a routine of when you are home, when you will feed them and when you’ll take them out for a walk. Having a predictable routine will make it easier for your dog and even calm them down. You also need to schedule nap time or when they will play with their toys, if possible, schedule this time for when you have to leave.

When you do leave your dog, you need to leave it in an environment that helps fulfill its every need. Before leaving, ensure you have met all of his needs. He is fed, and also mentally stimulated. You also need to ensure that he has once eliminated to avoid any accidents in the house.

If your dog is still not learning independence and not doing so great being by itself, then you can consult a specialist and ask them for their help. Another thing you can do is either get a dog sitter or enroll your dog in doggy classes. They are great to keep your dog busy, and it may even learn a thing or two. Socialization is a great way to distract your dog from the fact that you are gone.

Remember, training your dog to reduce anxiety levels is a long and patient process. It will not happen overnight and your pet will gradually adapt to life in which you aren’t with them all the time. so, remember to be patient with them during all this.


Probably one of the most fascinating technologies that has ever been put out for pets is the DogPhone – and it does just what its name says, it is a phone for your dog!

Researchers have created a way for dogs to call you when they are left alone at home. The device is a softball. When this softball is moved it video calls you automatically. What basically happens is that a signal is sent to the laptop, which launches a video call with this signal is received.

It is up to the owner whether they want to take the call or hang up. They can also call their pet by themselves, and to pick up, the dog has to move the ball.

Existing technology helps to measure your dogs’ steps, ring your pet and even give them dog food. However, your dog does not have choices. Giving your dog a choice is a great way to improve their physical welfare and mood.

The DogPhone is a great way for owners and their dogs to connect, giving both of them a choice. One way to prove that dogs are suited enough to handle technology is by creating gadgets that they can easily control. Creator of the DogPhone, Dr. Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas is positive that in the near future, there will be technology that will allow dogs to call each other. The possibilities are literally endless.

Dr. Ilyena Douglas, from the University of Glasgow, and the first author of the research that was used to create this device, is of the view that there are many possibilities.

The research was published in the Proceedings of the Association for Computing Machinery on Computer-Human interaction. it also revealed that how the creators were able to agree on using a softball for the phone.

The DogPhone went through many changes before becoming what it is today. The technology can benefit pets in multiple ways, especially those who experience separation anxiety when away from their owner. According to Dr. Ilyena, as human beings, we may not have a full understanding of the choice that the dog is making, but this does not mean that they should not have a choice in the first place.


The technology is ground-breaking and highly impressive, not just because of what it is but also due to the thought and motive behind the DogPhone.

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