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Eleanor, who got a second chance at life after being rescued from a puppy mill, becomes a famous dog on TikTok!

Dogs are simply one of the greatest blessings in the world. Their bright, big eyes, wagging tail and adorable face is just enough to make anyone’s day perhaps. Their big heart, endless loyalty, and unfiltered honesty are what make them so special.

Sometimes, we encounter dogs that change our lives forever with their mark of innocence and kindness. Rescuing a golden retriever was such an experience for Charles Schultz. Eleanor was a rescue dog, who left hanging out to dry. Her harsh background and past experiences made it hard for her to trust any person. Scarred and hurt by the trials of life, she failed to find someone to confide in. But, don’t worry – her story ends well!

It seems that Eleanor is now in a much better place, and lives in a home filled with love. Not just that, but she also has millions of views on TikTok. She is not just any dog, but she is a celebrity dog! Eleanor was bought by HavaHeart Rescue in Springfield, Missouri in an emergency auction.

Member of the HavaHeart Rescue, Carol Wratny said that Eleanor was scared and depressed.

The story of Eleanor

During the auction, Watney emerged as the highest bidder after many discrepancies while Eleanor was being bid on. She was informed that the dog had given birth in July and was due again in some time.

Carol was told that Eleanor was opened up, artificially inseminated, and sewed back up. However, later, Gingerich, who claimed to have done the procedure, denied it even happened. But, was not able to provide authentic information about what actually happened to the canine.

According to medical records, Eleanor was sewed up with a fishing line. As per a vet, it was something unusual, cruel, and unlike anything, she had ever witnessed before.

Being filled with such deadly bacteria can put your life at great risk. Hence, the survival of the dog looked pretty thin. So, she was living on borrowed time pretty much. The records that were received from the vet showed that Eleanor was spayed and had cysts on her uterus.

Seeing a dog in such a vulnerable condition, and knowing it had been done to her by another human being, completely broke Wratney’s heart. However, it was her love, care, and endless affection for Eleanor that brought her back to life.

While Eleanor still has a long way to go, she is doing much better physically and mentally. The pup will also be officially adopted in no time and will have a loving family like she always deserved.

The canine’s inspiring, and the heart-touching story made its way into the hearts of millions as her impressive recovery has brought tears to many eyes. Perhaps, Eleanor can pen down a story of consistency and perseverance.

The dog is now active, filled with energy and happiness, and no more anxious. This is the complete opposite of when she was first rescued. In fact, Eleanor was so scared that she was shaking with fear. But she was nursed back to life and will survive the situation.

Stopping Puppy Mills

The case of Gingerich is just one, but there are other puppy mill owners out there who are doing inhumane acts on harmless, voiceless dogs.

A puppy mill is a facility in which pups are bred and churned out for profit. In this business, the needs of the dogs are hardly met and they are kept in poor conditions.

Hence, it is advised that you do not buy your dog from such breeders and discourage this act of cruelty. Because of poor sanitation, lack of professional care, and overbreeding, puppies from such facilities are often targets of health issues that in the future upset those families that bring the pups home.

Many online movements have also started in which thousands of people are begging officials to put an end to this practice once and for all.

These facilities also do not provide adequate physical activity to these dogs, and their health is compromised in the name of money. The females are bred at every opportunity that these breeders get without them even getting the slightest breaks. Those dogs that cannot reproduce are mercilessly killed.

Every year, millions of puppies are sold from these mills. It is high time that an end is put to this practice. Such places often violate animal rights and put dogs through the torture that cannot be described.

To put mills out of business completely, it is the duty of people to buy from trusted breeders and not from these areas.

Dogs are beautiful creatures, but they are voiceless and they cannot speak for themselves. Hence, it is our opportunity as human beings to look after them and take good care of them. It is up to us that we fulfill all their requirements, and not treat them as a source to earn endless buckets of money.

So, we must stand up for them, and raise our voice for the voiceless when we see them being hurt and violated.

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