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Everything you need to know about separation anxiety in dogs

While many people think separation anxiety in dogs doesn’t ‘exist’, it does and it can have a lasting impact on your dog’s personality. Canines love predictability, hence having a routine is ideal for them. However, if there is any change in this routine, it could lead to separation anxiety.

The pandemic has forced people to stay inside their homes for over a year, and now, everything is slowly starting to open up again. People are changing their routines and this could be a worrying alternation for the dogs they are leaving at home.

It doesn’t matter whether your dog is young or old, they can experience stress in such circumstances, and long-term stress can cause complications in health. 

Helping your dog with separation anxiety

As all dogs have different temperaments, some will find it easier to adapt to the new routine than the rest. Since your pet is unable to communicate its feelings to you, you need to look out for clues and signs that suggest your dog does not want you to leave them.

These signs could include, change in behavior when you are about to leave. To ensure your dog gets used to the new routine, make sure that you leave the house for fixed hours. Then, stick to regular mealtimes for your dog, this will stop them from thinking about dinner. Try taking them on a walk every day too, this will stimulate their mind.

Some dogs can handle being alone, try to make them get used to it by leaving them alone in a different room. Once they are used to this practice, you can then leave them alone for longer periods of time. When you do, make sure they have toys that will stimulate their mind. Your dog will have fewer chances of acting out when they have something to keep them entertained and busy.

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