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Everything you need to know about the Bernese Mountain Dog!

The Bernese Mountain Dog is an excellent and calm dog. It is really strong, making it an exceptional work dog, and has a really calm, good nature.

Its affectionate personality is the reason why it gets along easily with family. However, when it comes to younger children or babies, caution is advised. They are not good with other dogs too. But, if you bring in a puppy, maybe the two could get used to living with each other.

They are big and powerful; hence they don’t shy away from hard work. They are thick and have a moderately long coat. Their coat is tricolored, and when it comes to their appearance, they are exceptionally beautiful.

Bernese have worked on farms in Switzerland. They do get along with all members of the family, but they just pick one human being and become attached to it. They are not threatening and will stay distant from strangers.

If this is your first time with a dog, we should warn you that Bernese can be tough to handle. They have a tendency to bark. They will also want to chase animals that are smaller in size, hence they can be a handful. For a person who does not have experience handling dogs, this can be a huge challenge.

However, an experienced pet owner can match the energy and activity level of the Bernese. One good thing about the breed is that they are loving and extremely loyal. Once you train them, they will become a good companion.

One thing is that if you live in an apartment, a Bernese Mountain Dog could be tricky to keep. They love to run, work and play, and limited space won’t just do it for them. They become gentle and friendly if you train them correctly.

If you are up for a challenge, this breed is it!

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