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Everything you need to know about the Great Dane’s temperament!

Despite its gigantic size, the Great Dane is considered to be an affectionate, friendly and gentle pet. They are playful, amazing with children, and loyal. However, to accommodate them, you will have to make certain changes. This can be a little bit expensive, as you have to make alterations to ensure the dog doesn’t lack living space.

They are really playful and can be a really good companion for children. They are extremely faithful and will defend their home like no other. Great Danes get along with others, only if they are raised with them. Hence, if you have a cat or another pet, the introduction can be a tricky part.

They are devoted to their owner and do not like being left alone. It is human to be intimidated by the huge size of the dog, but you need to stay calm. Although their giant size can scare off people, there’s no need for you to be actually scared.

Great Danes do not act in a threatening manner and rarely bark. They have a good tolerance threshold and do not exhibit aggressive behavior. When dealing with complete strangers, they are calm, composed and this is what makes them such popular pets.

On the other hand, you will have to train your dog to make them excellent pets. You will also have to take them to the vet on a regular basis to ensure that they are healthy. To prevent them from getting sick, feed your dog about two to three small meals per day instead of a big one. Encourage your dog to rest one hour after eating. Large dogs, like the Great Dane, benefits from raised food bowls as this will ease the process of eating food.

While many people think they won’t make good pets due to their size, the Great Dane is actually a loving, brave, and affectionate companion!

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