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Everything you need to know about the temperament of Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies, one of the most popular dog breeds around the world, are known for their elegance, temperament, and gorgeous appearance!

They are not the best guard dogs, in fact, these dogs do not even get slightly suspicious at the sight of strangers.

The free-spirited Huskies are good-natured with everyone. They are light on their feet, active, and very playful. The breed loves cold weather and you will have to take them for running every day. But, these outings have to be with a leash, the breed is born to run. They run a lot!

The dogs get along great with other dogs or humans. But, they do have a high prey drive, they will indeed be a threat to your other small pets unless they are raised with them.

Training a Siberian husky is a challenge, as they are highly clever but they use their cleverness to suit their own purposes. To pass time, they love to dig and howl. So, do not be alarmed to hear howling often and a lot.

The dogs have a furry appearance and resemble a wolf. They are athletic and love the cold weather, but are highly adaptable. Hence, you won’t have a problem with them in hot weather as well.

On the other hand, they do shed a lot. They are destructive of their surroundings when they are left alone for a long time or are bored. Another thing is that you cannot leave them open in their yard as they will go for an ‘adventure’ or chase cats or other small animals.

Their temperament is inherited. The temperament of these dogs can be changed by training and the way that they are raised. You should go to a vet or a professional dog trainer if you are experiencing any behavioral issues with your pup.

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