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Here are a few things you need to teach your child NOT to do around your dog!

Dogs are loving creatures most of the time. They are great to spend time with, and due to their affectionate nature, you don’t have to worry about them biting or hurting you in any way. However, many people get doubtful about whether or not they should trust their canine with a new animal or a stranger. Truth be told, it depends on the way your dog is. If your dog is loving and calm, it may have little to no issue in adjusting to new people.

If introduced the right way, dogs will easily get along with other furry additions to the family. However, when it comes to children, you need to be extra careful and safe. We know change tends to be intimidating. In fact, if you have a baby on the way, or you have children in your home and you want to bring a dog, you need to ensure that you never leave the two together without any supervision.

Usually, dogs aren’t aggressive. But, if your canine has a habit of acting out when strangers arrive, you may need to get a professional trainer to train your dog to calm down. Babies are relatively easier to look after, as they stay in one place and wouldn’t do anything that may trigger your dog and make it aggressive.

What NOT to do!

On the other hand, young children can be a bit more mischievous in dealing with dogs. Rather than just training your dog to calm down in this scenario, you also need to teach your kids how to behave around dogs.

One thing to remember is that dogs do not bite, especially those that you keep at home. But, if they are irritated, or triggered multiple times, they will cross that boundary. To keep a safe environment in your home, you need to first see what might make the dog want to bite.

Teach your child to respect your dog’s boundaries. Do not disturb your dog during mealtimes. If your canine is busy eating, make sure your children do not do anything to stop this time of theirs. Do not pet your dog or try and ‘play’ with it.

Another thing you need to do is if your canine is busy entertaining itself with toys, do not try to grab that toy. Even if you are trying to be friendly or want your dog to play with you, do not grab the toy out of your dog’s mouth. It will make them angry and the consequences may be scary.

Remember to teach your child to not get into the dog’s face. It can be irritating to the canine. Also, do not pull, push or ‘tickle’ the dog, as it can really cause them to get aggressive.

If your dog is asleep, do not try to disturb them. Just like human beings, dogs despise being disturbed. If your kid is hyper, and might try to irritate your dog when it is asleep, give your beloved canine a spot that it can sleep it. This spot should have everything of their comfort, and either make it inaccessible for your child or try to teach them to not go to the dog’s room.

Do not climb and try to ride the dog. It is rude to do that and will irritate your pet. Loud noises may make your dog anxious, hence, try to avoid being loud. Dogs are more sound-sensitive, so, constant screaming and yelling might cause your dog to act out.

As mentioned above, not only do you have to train dogs, but you also need to train your kids and how to act around canines. This is especially important if you are visiting someone who owns a dog. Warn your kid to not pet the dog without asking first, as the dog may get scared of a ‘stranger’.

Best dog breeds for children

If you have decided to get a dog, you need to do a bit of research on which of the breeds may be the most suitable for your family.

Some dog breeds are calmer and friendlier, making them the perfect little companion for your children. Below is a list of dog breeds that will make a good pet for your kid!

Golden retriever

Everyone loves golden retrievers. They are quick learners and need a lot of physical activity. They have loving and cuddly personalities.


Pugs are lazy. They love to eat and also, sleep. You are going to have to take extra care of their diet. But, for a couch companion who will snuggle with you and watch movies, this dog breed is definitely the one.


If you want a bigger dog, this is just the right one. The size can get overwhelmingly large, we may warn you! But these dogs have earned themselves the title of ‘nanny dogs’ for all the right reasons. They are patient and watchful and their temperament is just lovely!


If you want a dog that is physically active, this breed is the one. Although active, it has a loving nature and will definitely get along with your child. Remember, they can get clingy and may have a hard time leaving you alone.

Labrador retriever

Remained as the most popular breed for quite some time now, Labradors are loving with other pets, kids, and just everyone in general! They will make an instant best friend but are also highly active. They need daily exercise.

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