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Here is why you need a guard dog!

Dogs are a good way to secure your home. Their predator instinct and brave nature are enough to make you feel safe. Now, technology has come out with newer ideas and gadgets to help keep us safe. However, what about the more traditional choice?

One of the most prominent reasons behind such a rigid dog-human bond is because, over the years, human beings have kept dogs to help protect them from potential dangers. In their long history, humans have kept dogs warm, given them food and water, and in return, dogs have protected them. But, over the course of history, their role has changed.

Now, when we bring a dog home, we bring it with the intention of it keeping us company and giving us affection. We don’t want them to alert us of intruders. Yet, we often read cases on the internet of dogs putting their own lives in danger and protecting their loved ones. Perhaps, it is a natural reaction, considering dogs are descendent of wolves, who will do anything to keep their ‘herd’ safe.

Why do you need a guard dog

One cannot argue against the fact that dogs have an exceptionally well reaction ability. In fact, they are so sharp and quick to react, they have their own quota in the police. All dogs have a habit of snooping around, and ‘bark’ to alert them of any unusual occurrence. But there are breeds in specific that excel at doing such tasks.

These dogs have earned themselves the reputation of being a ‘tough nut’. Canines are curious creatures by nature. Their curiosity leads them to explore any movement or noise, and if necessary, they will bark to let you know of this alteration. Some breeds are more intelligent than others and will do a more thorough and proper job of investigating.

Aside from being a natural security alarm, dogs are also a potential physical threat. Their sharp jaws and strong teeth are enough to penetrate through the skin and cause sufficient damage. If anyone dares to trespass on your property, your dog will definitely run towards them and attack them. This will put a dent in their plans, and you can make the quick reaction of calling the police.

To make dogs even more impactful in such intense situations, you can also train your furry companion. Trained security dogs are absolutely ruthless in terms of protection and can even outrun people with their speed. Such dogs are so fast, there is no point in trying to run away from them.

Dogs are highly respected for their loyalty. They are incredibly faithful to those that they love. This is why they are popular house pets, and guard animals. As they are loyal, they become overly protective of their people.

They are good for personal security and will make the perfect companion for police guards. Their intelligence is also worth mentioning here. Dogs can pick up body language, voices, and emotions. With proper training, they can do a lot more.

Canines also put this gift of theirs to good use. Hence, they can sense when things aren’t right. As they are highly observant, they can also detect potential danger.

It is due to these qualities that dogs are used by law enforcement agencies to help them in their work. Such dogs are properly trained and their skills are sharpened by professional trainers. This allows them to be a lot more impactful and lethal. These dogs can help catch criminals, find people and even sniff out drugs! Hence, they are considered an important part of the police force.

Best guard dogs

As mentioned above, every dog will bark at the sign of danger. But there are some dog breeds that are better at this task than others. These breeds will attack the trespasser without another thought and have a natural skill set that makes them more than qualified for this particular job.

Here are breeds that will make great guard dogs:

German Shepherd

Of course! The most common breed for police dogs, this breed will protect your house from intruders. Their loyalty will also help them to bond with you.

Dobermann Pinscher

Their sleek and tall body gives them a threatening demeanor. They are brave and strong. Their speed is also highly impressive. This makes them the perfect dog guard you from dangers.

They do require a lot of exercises; hence, you will have to make long walks a habit.


Another expected name on the list. Rottweilers are known to be ‘aggressive’ dogs. They are also highly loyal and affectionate when they are raised to be so.

Due to their natural instincts, they stay wary of strangers. However, once they spend time with a person, they observe who to trust and who not to trust.

Great Dane

One of the reasons why the Great Dane would make an intimidating guard dog is because of its huge size. They have an impressive stature. Back in the day, they were used as bodyguard dogs, and this is why they make excellent guards.

The Great Dane will come off as a threat due to its large size.


Akita is not immense in size generally and may be smaller than the others on this list but they have a strong build. They are very powerful and are also really sharp. With their intelligence, they are able to get to the bottom of things and detect danger!

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