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History of the German Shepherds: Where the breed originates from

The German shepherd is one of the most popular breeds across the globe. The intimidating demeanor and fierce attitude are enough to make it the ideal guard dog. Due to its intelligence and high-level skill, it is also used by military and police departments to help them in their cases.

The breed was originated in Germany in the late 1800s. It was then regarded as one of the most responsive and obedient dogs in the country. They weren’t kept as pets or companions but were highly famous amongst farmers due to their set of skills. The dogs made the perfect sheepherders. Farmers provided them with care, shelter, and food, and trained them to look after their flock of sheep.

During the start of World War I, it was very famous in Germany, and soon, became popular in other countries of the world too. People began to fall in love with the breed due to its charisma and personality.

As they had the reputation of being easily trained, the canines began being used in police and also became guide dogs for visually impaired individuals. As they are very patient, they became famous for this purpose and it also made them an amazing leaders.

Its endless qualities make it an excellent friend, guard dog, and companion. Although it is shy in front of strangers at first, it becomes friendly pretty quickly.

Its popularity has led it roles in movies and videos. The reason they look like wolves is that they share 99% of their DNA with the gray wolf. They are genetically very close, and hence this is the reason behind their appearance. The domesticated dog has many times.

Black German shepherds are the rarest type and their price is very high. The dog breed is a thing of pure beauty and has many qualities, that is why it is loved.

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