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How a dog saved its owners from a fire!

There are multiple instances in which dogs have come through to save their owners. Dogs put themselves through life-threatening incidents to save their owners. However, their kindness isn’t just limited to humans, the internet is filled with stories of canines saving other animals and sometimes even babies.

Dogs are exceptional creatures, they are loyal to the bone, love to make their owner happy and would certainly do anything for them. This is what makes them amazing pets. Such an incident happened when a dog helped its owners escape a trailer home fire.

A Vietnam veteran and his wife owe to their dog, big time after the pet helped the couple escape a potentially life-threatening fire. Their four-legged best friend, Sis, saved their life.

The Mission Township Fire Department came to the home of James Diehl in an emergency at night at 11 pm. The fire was caused by an electrical box for the trailer.

James is a Navy veteran of the Vietnam war. He, along with his wife, lived in a trailer. The two were able to escape their home without any injuries, and the credit for this goes to their dog.

It was night time and the two were fast asleep in their bed. Their dog, Sis, was fast asleep in its crate outside the trailer. This is when the fire started, the dog noticed the flames and started barking loudly. She did this to let the owner know about the danger. Her constant barks woke the couple up, and they were able to escape the trailer just in time.

James came out and saw that the electrical box was up in flames. Their house has been destroyed in the fire, but the two and the dog are safe and sound. They aren’t sure what will happen after, but they know they will get through it.

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