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How Betty, the therapy dog, is helping students return to school

Schools, offices, and universities are just beginning to open again. This transition is proving to be difficult for students. As students have spent more than a year inside their homes, they are finding it tough to go back to physical classes and schools.

To help with this, the staff at Melican Middle School in Northborough, Massachusetts, has introduced therapy dogs. The principal was glad to announce that the therapy dogs are a big help for them and play a fundamental part in everything that they do there.

Principal Michelle Karb said that her two loves involve middle school children and dogs. She owns Betty, the therapy dog, and trains her too. She has been working with dogs since 2013, and impressed by what they can do, she introduced them to the school.

Since dogs and children go together, hold affection for one another and prove to be good support for each other, she decided to combine the two. There is even research to support this. However, Betty is not just the only therapy dog, half of the schools in the district have their own therapy dogs that help children in schools and the staff.

Betty comes three days a week. She spends her time in the office and helps kids. She runs with children who are nervous to then the mile outback, and she will accompany them to assist them in this. Now, Betty has an even more important task. She is helping students transition back to in-person classes. Her job is to make the students more comfortable, help them gradually get back to the routine, and make them get used to the environment.

This use of dogs is definitely impressive, canines are the best friends of human beings, and their endless love and support can make a lot of tasks easier.

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