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How did bloodhounds get their name?

Bloodhounds are interesting dogs, they have the unmatchable scenting ability, and the name is thought to be derived from its prebred ancestry.

Calm and affectionate, these dogs have been used in tracking lost animals, and in rescue operations. The strong dog has a fit demeanor and might seem threatening from its appearance.

In the 19th century, bloodhounds were shown to be ruthless in literature. However, in that time period, the bloodhound which they were talking about was completely different than the one that is present in modern times. The most famous breed of the time was the Cuban bloodhound.

The original bloodhounds were called ‘limers’ originally, they were used to follow the trails of deers, etc. that had been wounded by hunters. The dogs were kept on a leash when they would be on the hunt for these animals, this leach was called a ‘game, and that is how they were named limers. This is the reason why they are called ‘bloodhounds’.

The breed is highly independent, strong and their sense of smell is definitely their most prominent ability. This makes them excellent rescue dogs as well. The best part is that they do not stop until they have concluded their trial and found the person or animal they were looking for.

Bloodhounds are famous for their wrinkled face and big ears, they are also very friendly. They are determined dogs and are very intelligent. You will have to make sure they get a decent amount of exercise on a regular basis, if they do not, they can get aggressive.

They can be high maintenance and this is exactly why many people try to avoid adopting them. You will have to look under their wrinkles and folds for possible infections. They are prone to infections due to their oily coat, this means that their skin can get greasy.

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