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How is the temperament of Akita?

The Akita is a big dog that has a strong demeanor and characteristics. It was used back in times for guarding royals and also used for tracking and hunting. They were used to hunt animals like bears, wild boars, and even deers.

Since they are hunters, they do not back down from a fight and are very loyal to their families. This means that if you want to keep one, they will guard you against imposters and intruders. Despite their high fighting drive, they are loving and affectionate. When properly trained, they become social dogs too.

If you intend to adopt one, you should know that the dogs shed hair, and they may drool a lot too. So, you will have to clean up after them. They make great watchdogs, hence if you are looking for a dog to guard you against intruders, they are perfect.

However, if there is another animal in your house then you will have to introduce the two pets to each other gradually. They will have trouble adapting to apartment living and experience a lot of separation anxiety.

It is not advised to leave them with kids, and are highly shy towards strangers. Grooming them can be a hassle, as they do shed and drool a lot. When it comes to training, it is definitely not easy, so, if you don’t have any experience in training dogs, then you should consult a professional. They do bark, so, don’t be surprised if your neighbor comes knocking at your door and asks you to calm your dog down.

These dogs are playful and need a lot of mental stimulation. Hence, if you leave them alone at home, make sure there is something for them to keep themselves busy with. They can get aggressive with other dogs, and are not said to be a good choice for inexperienced owners.

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