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How to groom your German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a marvelous breed. It has a strong, intimidating demeanor and excels at multiple things, one of them being an excellent guard dog.

The GSD is the second popular breed in the USA. However, to ensure that your dog is well-groomed there are a few steps that you will have to take.

The German Shepherds have a thick coat, hence keeping it tidy and groomed can be a challenging task.

Grooming a german shepherd

German Shepherds shed a lot, that is one thing you can’t avoid. Although de-shedding shampoos can help the shedding somewhat, they don’t completely eliminate it.

To keep the coat of your dog neat and healthy, you need to brush your canine every day. As they do shed, a lot, you will have to wear a mask or cover your face if you are one to get bothered by dog hair.

There is a brush for the long hair of your dog, and there is also a brush for the ‘under coat’. You will have to get both and use them to ensure your dog’s coat is healthy inside out.

When you use the brushes, your dog will shed uncontrollably, all the dead hair will come off. Hence, be outside or a place that is easier to clean. Do not do this on a rug or carpet, as getting the hair out of these can be quite the job!

There is no need for you to give your dog a bath daily unless they are dirty. Do not cut or shave your dog’s hair, not even in the summers. During the hot weather, this coat acts as an insulator and keeps your dog cool. On the other hand, this same coat can make them warm in winters. So, do not cut their hair.

Instead of cutting it, keep it well-groomed by brushing it every now and then. You can groom the undercoat using an undercoat brush every other day or around three to four times a week. If you are consistent with your grooming routine, you’ll see a significant decrease in shedding.

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