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How to tackle common behavioral problems in dogs!

Dog behaviors are normally mishandled by people. Especially when it comes to new dog owners, behavioral problems can be a huge issue. This is why, it is essential that you train your dog from a young age, so the ‘behavioral problems’ that could potentially arise, don’t.

When it comes to your dog acting differently out of the blue, like peeing inside the home or something, you need to be sure that there is no medical reason behind it. Sometimes, when your dog does these things, they may be alarming you that something is wrong.

But, if you have ruled out any possible medical complication, the reason for your dog’s misbehaving could be ‘just because’.

Behavioral problems

One of the most common problems for dog owners is excessive barking. Dogs vocalize in different ways, they could whine, howl or simply bark. To tackle this issue, you need to first learn why your dog is acting the way it is.

It could be because your dog is bored, anxious, or excited. To control excessive barking, you need to teach them quiet commands. To ensure this is effective, you will have to be consistent and patient.

Chewing is another problem. This should be fairly easier to eliminate. Encourage your pup to chew on the right things by bringing chew toys for them. This way, your personal items will stay intact.

Inappropriate elimination might be the most common issues dog owners face. It is definitely the most frustrating one as well. To overcome this, the first rule of medical problems.

Then, find the reason for this behavior. It could be because your dog is marking territory. This is in cases when you introduce a new pet to the house. It could also be because of excitement, anxiety, or inadequate housebreaking.

In puppies, this problem cannot be avoided. But, dogs will need to be modified seriously if this becomes a habit.

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