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Interesting facts about the Golden Retriever!

Golden Retrievers are easily one of the most famous dog breeds in the world. They are loving, bright, and can turn your day around in a matter of seconds. Owners of the dog breed know exactly how devoted these companions are.

They are really loyal and are, all in all, just interesting creatures. The internet is filled with videos of golden retrievers being the best doggies out there.

Below are few facts about golden retrievers that may be new for you.

Therapy dogs

Retrievers are the most commonly used therapy dogs. They are amazing in calming people down; they have love and empathy that is excellent for helping people who are distressed or upset.

They get along with people of all age groups. Not just that, but they are also good rescue dogs. They use their sense of smell and sharpness to excel in rescue operations.

Big eaters

Obviously, they love to eat and they will eat everything (literally). Golden Retrievers don’t care what it is, they will just put it in their mouths.

The breed is prone to over-eating; hence dog owners need to be careful.


Previously, it was rumored that the breed descended from Russia. They were ‘Russian circus dogs’, however, this was debunked. Records of Lord Tweedmouth showed that instead of Russia, the breed actually traces its history back to Scotland.

It all started in 1864 when Lord Tweedmouth purchased a yellow retriever.


Golden Retrievers are big athletes. They love to swim and enjoy playing in the water. Golden retrievers are always up for a game, they would love to play.

Their broad head and muscular bodies make them strong and energetic. They have a lot of stamina and love to play catch. Hence, if you own a retriever, you need to ensure that they get a lot of physical activity.

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