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Interesting facts about the Great Dane!

The Great Danes are certainly amazing dogs. They are huge in size, make great companions, and are the perfect guard dogs. Opposite of what the name suggests, the breed originated from Egypt. The dogs have been found in Egyptian carvings, but the current Great Dane was bred in Germany in the 1800s.

Below are a few interesting facts about this dog breed.

Social and loving

When you look at their size, they seem to be a tough breed that is not at all affectionate or great to be kept ‘inside your home’ but their temperament is actually the opposite. The dog breed loves to love! They are very gentle and sweet.

The Danes are amazing with kids and this is exactly what makes them good family pets.

Life expectancy

One thing about this breed is that it has a low life expectancy as compared to other dog breeds. It lives just seven to ten years. However, during these numbered years, they will make you feel really happy and loved.

As compared to other breeds, their life expectancy is relatively low.

Tallest dog in the world

This breed is the tallest breed in the world. They are absolutely massive. Their demeanor is quite elegant and move with grace. When they stand on their hind legs, they can tower over humans.

Their huge size makes them the ideal breed for anyone who is looking for a guard dog.


Yes, this breed sleeps a lot!  They sleep around 16 to 18 hours a day on average! They are very lazy. Hence, when you get a Great Dane, do not be surprised to see them sleep the entire day!


The breed takes around 3 years to reach its full size. This means that it will take them three whole years to grow to their full potential.

Hence, you will have a huge canine companion 3 years after owning them.

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