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Is owning a dog as easy as it looks? – Challenges no dog owner tells you about!

Every time you see someone out for a walk with their canine, you may have thought about whether it’s as easy as it looks. I mean, all you have to do is feed them, take them out for a walk and give them an occasional bath, in return you get endless love and cuddles. Owning a dog isn’t that hard, right? Maybe. Maybe, for some people owning a dog is a breeze, and for some, it is a crushing responsibility at times that just doesn’t seem to end.

Certainly, dogs provide love, loyalty, and cuddles, but it comes at a heavy price. If only you’re willing to pay this price, then opt for dog adoption.

The truth is, owning a dog is hard. It is not easy. It is like living with a child. Every now and then, your dog may make a mess, it may pee or poop where it isn’t supposed to or they may ruin your new pair of bedsheets. These are some of the things that just come along with owning a dog.

You have to work your day around your canine, change your schedule, and a lot of your habits. For someone who isn’t used to going out for a walk, every day will find it hard to walk their dog when they adopt one. Another thing is that training your dog takes a lot of time. It isn’t just a couple of weeks task; it can take months.

They certainly test your patience and can make you exhausted. There’s also added stress that comes with owning a pet, you may find yourself frequently running around the house looking for any ‘elimination’ before guests come over. Or, you might be asking yourself ‘does my house smell like dog pee?’ more than often.

You might have to check your outfit ten times before going out to make sure there is no dog hair on your clothes.

The conclusion is, it’s not a walk in the park. But, is it absolutely worth it? Yes, it is. But it also depends on your temperament.

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