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Is owning a dog good for your health?

Owning a dog can largely benefit your health. Not only do they make amazing companions, but they are also exceptional for your mental and physical health. Canines have a positive impact on our well-being, long-term fitness, and health.

There is a reason why they are labeled a man’s best friend. They keep their owners active and give them a sense of responsibility. Owning a dog can also lead to the release of ‘oxytocin’. This is a hormone that enables people to create a meaningful bond with our pet.

This reduces the feeling of loneliness or feeling alone. Dogs are also well-aware of when humans are distressed or stressed, this is why they make efficient therapy dogs. It helps with anxiety or stress.

Health benefits of dogs

Having a dog around can elevate the levels of serotonin and dopamine levels. The hormones keep them relaxed and calm. Even a small amount of interaction with a dog helps reduce the stress hormone, hence reducing anxiety. Anxiety can also have a physical impact on the body of human beings.

They can also keep you fit. Playing with your dog, going on walks with your dog will ensure that you meet your exercise levels. People that don’t own dogs are more likely to cancel their fitness plans. Keeping a dog keeps you inspired.

Going to dog parks can also help you form a bond with other dog owners. Hence, this also enhances your social life.

If you are thinking of taking your dating life up a notch, get a dog. They make you more appealing, attractive. Men are more likely to get along with a woman when they have a dog with them. People who have photographs with dogs are more appealing to others online than those who don’t.

If you were thinking of adopting a dog but were conflicted, let this be a guide.

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