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Meet Bandit, the abandoned dog who became the UK’s key drug buster

The story of how an abandoned dog, in the UK, went to become one of the best drug busters in the country will make your heart swell with pride.

The dog was taken in by a police force and has now won the ‘outstanding achievement’ award at the National Service Dog Bravery and Achievement Awards, along with his handler.

Bandit, the dog, and his handler PC Lee Fairman won the award for their matchless services to the law enforcement agency. Bandit was rejected by three owners because of his hyper and active nature, he was also anti-social towards other dogs. However, now, he is a fundamental part of the Avon and Somerset Police’s canine unit.

Even though his previous owners gave up on him, PC Fairman did not. He trained the dog in specialist search and rescue skills to find Class A and Class B drugs, firearms, and cash. When the officer took him in, he was around two-and-a-half years old.

Keeping his history with previous owners in mind, the officer was unsure whether or not Bandit would be able to do the job. But, the dog passed all of his courses. During his first week on the job, he was able to find cash and drugs hidden in a bed.

He has an amazing temperament and character. He is always happy and active. The officer and the dog live together, and they respond to crimes happening in the area. They have won three awards. To add to all this, the pair were also present at the NATO conference, where they were asked to search Buckingham Palace.

Bandit has now become an irreplaceable part of the police. He has definitely come far and has proven that he is worth so much more. The little doggy is always there to help out the department in catching criminals.

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