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Meet Dexter – the famous TikTok dog – who walks on two legs!

Dogs are fascinating creatures. Every now and then, they go viral on the internet for their goofy behavior. Dogs are truly unique with their stunts, mischiefs, and adorable expressions. We all love dogs, and watching videos and clips of them being their usual, goofy self is bound to cheer us up.

Sometimes, these dogs make headlines for doing something brave and different. One such dog is Dexter. The famous dog made rounds on the internet for his brave heart and personality. The dog, Dexter, is different in his own, beautiful way. The 6-year-old canine has come to an online celebrity because of him being ‘three-legged’ and his unusual way of walking.

Rather than using his 3 legs, he uses and runs on his two legs. His owner is Kentee Pasek, who resides in Ouray, Colorado. He shares clips of his dog walking on his TikTok page. Kentee’s pup has garnered a huge fan following, he has more than 600,000 followers on the video-sharing application. It has made his dog somewhat of a celebrity. Dexter’s story is inspiring.

His unique way of walking is due to the fact that his front legs were injured after he was hit by a truck back in 2016. This accident has seriously injured his legs and the way he walks. The horrific accident put his life at risk, and his owner was unsure whether he would survive the trip to the vet or not. The drive to the vet was not a minute less than 45, with the dog seriously injured and in desperate need of professional medical attention, whether he would make it or not was in doubt.

Dexter – the famous TikTok dog

Although inspirational, his recovery has been gradual and slow. He had to undergo a slow process and five surgeries in just a span of a single year. To help him with mobility, two sets of pints were put into his remaining arm.

It wasn’t until 2016 that he started shifting weight on his hind legs. Years of getting used to walking on two legs, the pup is once again living a great and healthy life. His unique gait has caught the attention of multiple people online.

Now, Dexter turns heads whenever he goes out. And, let’s just say that Dexter loves to soak in all the attention. He also wears a hat and a bandana when he goes out. He is a good boy who is extremely family-oriented, he loves spending time with his family. He is funny, goofy, and just full of energy.

Everything that Dexter does is documented and shared with players on TikTok. His daily adventures are loved by his fans. People often leave supportive messages under his videos.

According to Kentee, when people first see Dexter, they are taken aback. They are indeed shocked, and we don’t blame them. We would all be a little startled if we saw a dog walking on its two legs, wouldn’t we? However, once they actually process it and take it all in, it makes them smile.

The doggy has a fun personality. He will literally get along with anyone. Many times on TikTok, he makes reels with supportive comments that people leave under his videos. The adorable gimmicks are enough to make anyone smile.

One thing that makes people even more fun, is the way that Dexter walks. His elegance, attitude and poise is just so entertaining to see! The next time you are having a tough day, then, go to Dexter’s TikTok page and watch his videos to cheer yourself up. Why wouldn’t his videos cheer you up, it is literally a dog walking on two legs! Its bound to make you smile.

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